Global financial experts

Parker Lloyd Group has a combination of companies with common beliefs and goals, each predominantly centred on finance whilst specialising in their own discipline from accountancy, wealth management, technology, energy and commodities.


Our clients range from entrepreneurs owning and managing global enterprises to small specialist boutiques and family offices.


With offices in Geneva, New Delhi and London our focus is offering tax efficient investment solutions for High Net Worth clients internationally.


Parker Lloyd Technology specialises in wireless communications in emerging markets (Asia and Africa) and strategic information technology services.


We offer finance and financial advice for conventional and alternative energy in areas including wind, PV, solar thermal, biomass power, biofuels, geothermal, hydropower and conventional fossil fuel facilities.

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With global resources and seasoned professionals, our experienced team can source strategic materials including coal, iron ore, copper, gold and oil assets.

Parker Lloyd Audits & taxation

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Parker Lloyd was originally founded in 1984 as an Accountancy practice. Due to the demands of their clients they diversified to combine the traditional accountancy service with Offshore Tax mitigation and trust work.


We carry out a voluntary or statutory audit for smaller businesses, growing businesses, and specialist audits for regulated entities, charities, pension schemes and insurance companies.

If you do not need a full voluntary audit, a financial review can provide a flexible and cost-efficient alternative.

As well as looking at the basics of accounting and reporting, a review can be designed to examine particular aspects of the business that might vary from year to year. Reviews can thus deliver excellent value and very useful reports including Management Accounts.

The risks of not carrying out either an audit or a review are considerable, while the benefits of doing so are great. Each can satisfy you that all is well, can lend the credibility of an outside view to your accounts and can show up weaknesses and opportunities within the business.

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Compliance with accounting rules

All companies must comply with the rules and regulations which apply to record-keeping and accounts. In particular:

  • Proper accounting books and records must be kept.
  • Annual financial statements must be prepared in line with the Companies Act and accounting standards to give a 'true and fair view' of the company affairs.
  • Full or abbreviated accounts must be filed at Companies House.

Even if we do not report on your accounts as auditors, we can ensure they comply with the relevant rules and reflect the information you have supplied to us. This gives added assurance and credibility. We can also advise record-keeping and the format of the accounts you need to file.

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Company secretarial services

Company registrations and re-structurings, own-share purchases, the creation of share schemes and other actions can trigger complex legal requirements with risks of serious penalties.

We can handle all such obligations for you, saving you time, protecting you from possible penalties and fines, and sparing you a great deal of needless anxiety.

We can help you with:

  • Maintenance of statutory books and registers
  • Filing of statutory forms and annual returns with the Registrar
  • Circulation of accounts and AGM notices
  • Drafting and amending Articles of Association
  • Stamp Duty exemptions
  • Preparation of dormant accounts and resolutions
  • Share allotments and transfers
  • Provision of a Company Secretary
  • On-line access to the Companies House database
  • Incorporations of SPVs in Tax Efficient jurisdictions
  • Providing Trust, nominees and directors and registered office facilities

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We can help companies of all sizes with issues that might encompass:

  • Corporation Tax
  • International Tax
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Shares
  • Share Valuations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Succession Issues
  • VAT

Separate specialists provide services to partnerships and sole traders who might have concerns that could include:

  • Income Tax
  • Incorporation
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • IR35 - Personal Service Companies

We provide services for Individuals, Trustees and Executors. For the individual, we offer:

  • A full compliance service
  • Planning for retirement and business succession
  • Advice on the protection of assets and passing wealth down the generations
  • Mitigation & postponement of tax liabilities

We can also assist with one-off transactions such as:

  • Share options & other employee benefits
  • Investing - or disinvesting - in business ventures
  • Buying and selling second homes and properties abroad
  • Tax-efficient investment opportunities
  • Residence & domicile
  • Structuring your affairs in the event of separation and divorce
  • The taxation of Lloyds names
  • Charitable giving

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The formation of HMRC with new powers and working methods presents a whole new range of challenges to which we remain fully alert when advising our clients. We have considerable experience in dealing with Special Office investigations and negotiating settlements.

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Parker Lloyd Capital

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Started in 2005, Parker Lloyd Capital arranges on shore and offshore mortgages, buy to let Mortgages, commercial finance and the financing of hotel groups around the globe, for our clients and Stamp Duty mitigation schemes are just one example of how Parker Lloyd capital has added value to their client proposition.

Residential mortgages

Obtaining the cheapest interest rate may be your priority or you may want a flexible mortgage that will allow you to release funds as and when required. There are a number of different factors to consider when looking for a mortgage on your main residence and we will work with you to provide the most suitable way forward.

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Buy to let mortgages*

With the rise and fall of the buy to let market over the last ten years we have seen many changes but have represented a number of clients who hold large property portfolios throughout this turbulent time. Lenders criteria for buy to let mortgages often changes so we keep fully up to date with all developments in market, this ensures we can get the best deal for our clients, regardless of whether they have one or a hundred properties.

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Commercial mortgages*

If you are looking to purchase an asset that will be used for business purposes or simply something that does not meet the sometimes stringent rules for a regulated mortgage contract, a commercial mortgage may be the best way forward. The absence of set criteria for a commercial mortgage gives a common sense approach to underwriting, so we keep in constant contact with providers that we feel are able to assist our clients.

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Offshore mortgages*

Many of our clients choose to purchase property through a limited company rather than in their personal names. There can be advantages in arranging your assets in this way and we have experience in arranging finance in both UK & overseas jurisdiction.

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Buying property overseas*

Many of our clients have business interests throughout the world and have asked us to provide finance in areas such as Dubai, India, America and throughout Europe. This has provided us with valuable links into major institutions throughout the world, so we are happy to look into any country that you wish to obtain a presence.

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Hotel and leisure*

Due to the rapid growth of the hotel industry both in the UK and abroad, we have become increasingly specialised in raising finance in this sector. Be it a straight forward purchase, refinance, refurbishment of an existing asset or a brand new development we can find a funder that suits your needs. We have a wide range of sources from major high street and International banks to boutique niche funders and hedge funds. We have been involved in funding a whole range of hotels from 5 star trophy assets to the profitable and popular budget hotels. If you are looking to purchase a hotel, we can help you find what you are looking for, and also help with the branding.

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Other services*

We are able to offer all types of property insurance for both residential and commercial properties and will actively review these policies each year. We also work with companies that offer protection against interest rate rises on your mortgage, and can look to mitigate the level of stamp duty payable on certain types of purchases.

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Asset finance*

Hire Purchase*

This is an ideal way to acquire goods such as cars and capital goods that you wish to own after the agreed funding term. Spreading payments mean you can afford better or more suited equipment for the business. A facility to buy a product is agreed which usually incorporates a deposit in the form of advance payments or potentially a part exchange. If VAT is applicable then the deposit + gross VAT is paid up front.

The balance structured over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, with a final payment (Option to Purchase fee) at the end of the term. This means that the title passes and goes from hire to purchase. This fee is usually in the region of £150-£200.

Hire purchase also affords a level of protection against merchantable quality of the goods on the agreement. In many cases the funder can be used to fight any claims under this heading. Hire purchase is secured on the goods you are purchasing and offers less risk to the lender than unsecured on that basis pricing is usually preferential. Goods purchased on these types of agreements have to come via a bona fide dealer source.

Things to remember

  • HP means if you pay all the instalments and the option to purchase fee the goods become yours.
  • There are no mileage restrictions.
  • For accounting purposes the capital allowances are as if you had purchased the vehicle, and it will show on the balance sheet.

Typical goods purchased via Hire Purchase agreements are cars, tractors, lorries / vans, diggers and other plant and equipment.

Finance leases*

These are agreed funding with terms similar to HP as above. However at the end of the term title remains with the funder, and as an acknowledgement of this what is called a secondary rental period which a nominal annual rent is due to the finance house, this is usually very low in comparison to the monthly rentals as paid in the primary rental period. VAT charged by the finance company will be payable with the initial instalment and each subsequent rental. There will be a delay of up to four months in recovering this from HM Revenue & Customs. In the case of a car, most businesses will be able to recover 50% of the VAT.

Operating leases*

An operating lease is where an asset is rented for a period, not necessarily fixed, and returned to the owner at the end of the period. Contract hire is a typical form of operating lease. These can have usage limits when buying goods such as cars when a maximum mileage per annum is quoted and for any additional miles there will be a charge levied.

Accounting treatment*

The asset is not capitalised; the rental payments are charged on an acceptable basis over the lease term to the profit and loss account. We can finance all different types of goods including high value luxury cars, lorries and trailers and internal infrastructure.

All funding is subject to status and credit checks are made on suppliers and customers alike where applicable. And are for business use only.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate it will be (£250 or 1% of mortgage amount).

*The Financial Services Authority does not regulate some buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages, offshore mortgages, buying property overseas, stamp duty mitigation schemes or asset finance.

The Financial Services Authority does not regulate loans or all forms of Mortgage. Parker Lloyd Capital Plc Incorporation Number: 6172643 (Trading as Parker Lloyd Capital) is an appointed representative of HL Partnership Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. FSA Number: 491161.

Parker Lloyd Financial planning

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Parker Lloyd Financial Services is a firm of Independent Financial Advisors who specialise in all areas of pre and post retirement planning, investment and tax planning for both private and corporate clients.

Private Clients

With 15 years' experience of looking after private clients' personal financial planning , we feel we are in a position to offer a full financial planning service. No two clients are the same and we start by establishing a full picture of their financial situation. It is very difficult to live and work in the UK without acquiring a range of financial products, whether that is via your employer, bank or financial advisor. We will work with you to develop a financial plan in line with your future goals and aspirations.

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Personal Tax Planning

Throughout the process detailed above we also look at the most tax efficient investments for our clients and can offer advice on all areas of tax planning.

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Investment Process & Portfolio Management

More importantly we identify the level of risk you are prepared to take in your investment life. We use a risk profile analyser that asks questions about your historical investment experience and discusses your future needs. To complement this we ask a further series of questions to get a clear insight into your investment concerns and objectives.

We use this method when reviewing and making recommendations to ensure that any investment strategy suggested offers the right level of risk for each client. This will cover areas such as pre and post retirement planning, Investments, ISA strategy and personal and family protection. As part of our investment research we regularly meet with fund managers from all the leading fund houses. Our investment committee will take the information provided, review the current economic climate and regularly review all our clients’ investment portfolios using these views.

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Corporate Clients

We work with both business owners and private clients in a similar way. This includes reviewing the employee benefits for the workforce and can aid recruitment and retention of key staff. The areas include Pensions, Private Medical Insurance and all other types of insurance.

Employees are increasingly looking to their employer in the first instance for help and guidance on their financial affairs. A recent survey conducted by Scottish Widows Plc, showed that 40% of workers thought that employers providing a pension they should also offer full financial advice. As part of our service we offer the company a worksite adviser who can talk to a company's staff about all aspects of their finances, no matter how large or small. This is something which we find both employers and employees value highly.

For key persons and directors we can review how they draw income from the business, whilst making sure that if something serious were to happen to the business owner or a key person, profits would not be adversely affected and the value of the company would not be reduced or income put at risk.

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Retirement Planning

Most people are aware that they need to plan for their retirement. We work closely with our clients in two areas; funding for retirement and people who are approaching, or are at, their retirement age. We review their investments within their pensions and work on a funding strategy to meet their objectives.

We get involved with all areas including:

  • Personal pensions
  • Company pensions
  • Self invested personal pensions (SIPP)
  • Property purchase within pensions
  • Small self administered schemes (SSAS)

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Inheritance Tax Planning

We understand that Inheritance tax planning can be a complicated and technical process and therefore offer a wide range of clear and straightforward solutions for our clients.

The areas we can advise on include how and when to make gifts, the use of Trusts, how to structure your will and investments which are free from inheritance tax.

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Complete Review & Technology

Clients are provided with log in access to the client area on the website. This can be accessed via pc, iphone or ipad applications.

This service will allow you to:

  • Retrieve live valuations of your investments
  • Review the performance of your investments
  • Look at your finances in one easy summary
  • Look through all your financial data in more detail
  • Update us of any changes

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Parker Lloyd Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority FSA No 523565 ( Registered in England & Wales at 30 Poland Street, London W1F 8QS Registered Number: 07165472

Parker Lloyd Film finance

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Established in 1984, Parker Lloyd offers a range of film services including, Consultancy, BFI Applications, Film Tax Credit, Distribution Audits, Production Services and overall financing for producers of British Independent films, e.g. Ferrari: La Scuderia Films Ltd.


At Parker Lloyd, we specialize in structuring film production so that they can qualify for UK tax benefits. We work with financiers and distributors to plan and assess the feasibility of production funding.

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BFI Applications

The British Film Institute (BFI) is the body responsible with assessing applications and making its recommendations to the Department of Culture, Media And Sport (DCMS). DCMS is the authority that issues certificates pertaining to the British status of a film. Having this certificate is an essential condition for making a claim for film tax relief and for receiving various other sources of funding.

For co-productions, as part of the final application, the BFI require an audited cost of production statement. As registered auditors, Parker Lloyd can undertake the audit and prepare a cost report in the BFI required format.

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Film Tax Credit

Tax relief is available for British qualifying films. Once the films have passed the Cultural Test or qualify as an official co-production, the film production company can claim a payable cash rebate of 20-25%. Parker Lloyd will aid the film production company in doing so in line with the HMRC'S guidance on Film Tax Relief.

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Distribution Audits

Distribution audits are undertaken when the licensors require an independent audit of the income and expenditure reported by the distributors of the film. Parker Lloyd are registered auditors and can undertake the independent audit.

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Production Services

Parker Lloyd offers the following services for film productions:

  • Formation and maintenance of Film Production Companies;
  • VAT Services;
  • Production payroll services;
  • Foreign Entertainers Tax;
  • Corporation and personal tax for those in front and behind the camera;
  • Dealing with HMRC.

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Parker Lloyd Hedge funds

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Verdi Capital is a bottom up long/short fund investing in public equities with a long bias. The investment decisions are made based on fundamental analysis exploiting marketing efficiencies in Central Europe and Turkey. The Fund also invests in select western European equities with significant exposure in the target regions.

The fund strategy follows the principles of Benjamin Graham's and David Dodd's investment style with a shorter time spam. Verdi Capital is managed by two portfolio managers with strong investment experience in Central Europe. Key managers Katerina Zychova and Robert Doucha developed an unique investment strategy based on both detailed fundamental analysis and frequent contact with the management of target companies. They achieved 40% IRR in the previous fund since June 2009.

The fund will be launched once FSA has granted approval.

The information and materials in this site do not constitute an offer to buy or sell shares or advisory management services in any jurisdiction where such activity is unlawful.

Parker Lloyd Private equity

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Parker Lloyd private equity advisory services is a leading global provider of accounting, administration and tax services to the private equity and venture capital industry.

Parker Lloyd private equity advisory service works closely alongside Parker Lloyd’s long established hedge fund advisory service and teams.

  • Our highly tailored service has been designed to support investors, both private and institutional, who require a high level of independent service and a singular level of transparency appropriate to the enhanced professionalism and sophistication of many private equity investors and managers with robust industry knowledge.
  • We provide a global service. Private equity teams are currently based in London, Geneva & Delhi.

As an industry pioneer, our focus has been exclusively on private equity funds and investors for over 20 years.

Our private equity effort focuses primarily on the core strategies of buy-out, growth, venture capital, distressed, mezzanine, infrastructure, real estate, health care, leisure, hospitality, sporting investments, energy, technologies, mining, oil & gas and secondaries.

We have particular strength in the areas of overlap with hedge funds, namely distressed and credit strategies.

Parker Llloyd Wealth offers advice to its clients on capital allocation within the private equity asset class. Parker Lloyd endeavours to match customers’ investment and return objectives with market opportunities and trends.

Types of clients

  • Large financial institutions
  • Private equity and venture capital firms
  • Private equity divisions of Fortune 500 companies
  • International firms
  • Private equity investment advisors

Types of funds

  • Buyout
  • Fund-of-funds
  • Secondary
  • Distressed debt
  • Venture capital
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Real estate
  • SBIC
  • Employee
  • Specialty
  • Co-Investment

Types of entities

  • Master fund
  • Feeder fund
  • General partner
  • Manager
  • Co-invest fund
  • Transaction entities
  • Carry vehicle
  • Employee fund
  • Hybrid
  • Joint Venture Vehicles

Accounting and administrative services

  • Sharing of best practices
  • Review of offering materials
  • Investor/contact database management
  • Capital call and distribution processing
  • Books and records maintenance
  • Developing fund economic models
  • Allocations of profits and losses
  • Capital account maintenance
  • Financial reporting
  • Investor reporting
  • Investment reporting
  • Audit assistance
  • Performance measurement

Tax services

  • Prepare tax returns
  • Maintain tax basis of investments
  • Maintain tax capital accounts
  • Tax planning strategies

Investor services

  • Prepare and disseminate capital call notices
  • Prepare and disseminate distribution notices
  • Disseminate other investor correspondence
  • Web-based reporting

Corporate services

  • Maintain statutory and regulatory governance compliance for corporate entities, partnerships and trusts:

    Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg

    - Offshore cash administration services
    - Corporate Secretarial Services
    - Shareholder Services

Parker Lloyd Mergers & aquisitions

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Parker Lloyd Wealth leverages both the UK and global financial industry and accounting knowledge of the Parker Lloyd international network - providing rapid, strategic advice to assist our clients with dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions and financial and regulatory compliance issues.

We provide mergers and acquisition related investigation, litigation and restructuring services to major government organisations, corporations, law firms, insurance companies and financial institutions. Our dedicated M&A team is comprised of highly experienced and well-credentialed professionals to draw upon a range of industry knowledge both within the United Kingdom and Internationally to provide clients with an unparalleled service.

Parker Lloyd Wealth can assist with the following:

Multidisciplinary Approach to M&A Services

  • Dedicated team of professionals with experience suited to client M&A needs
  • Comprehensive suite of M&A services
  • Perspective of practising professionals experienced in various aspects of the M&A process

Right Size and Experience

  • Experienced business and technical professionals
  • Delivery of quality services
  • Streamlined, accessible organisational structure

Active Involvement of Senior Professionals

  • Access to experienced service teams
  • Commitment to staff continuity

Buy/Sell Agreement Issues

  • Determining purchase price adjustment calculations
  • Serve as arbitrator in post-acquisition disputes
  • Assist buyer/seller in identifying and presenting claims to a trier of fact

Financial Reporting Assistance

  • Audit and tax services
  • Improve accounting department operations and financial processes
  • Implementing best practice accounting policies and procedures
  • UK and international tax planning and compliance
  • Assess internal controls
  • Review purchase price allocations

Investigative Due Diligence

  • Background checks expose hidden elements of prospective transactions and relationships
  • Refine information into intelligence for clients
  • Alert clients to risk and advice on mitigation

Accounting Due Diligence

  • Analyse financial reporting issues
  • Review accounting compliance
  • Perform forensic accounting review
  • Review UK and international taxes
  • Conduct collateral audit /confirmation

Financial Due Diligence

  • Analyse financial projections
  • Analyse cash flow
  • Analyse operations
  • Review quality of earnings
  • Review business plan feasibility
  • Review working capital trends and requirements
  • Review capital expenditure requirements
  • Review Human Resource issues

Parker Lloyd Asset management

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Parker Lloyd Wealth SARL offers independent advice focused exclusively on ensuring that clients meet their individual investment objectives.


  • Family Office Advisory
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Wealth Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Investments
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Raising
  • Account Openings
  • Banking Services

Parker Lloyd Communications

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Following the success of Parker Lloyd Energy, Parker Lloyd Technology was founded in 2010. It specialises in the creation of wireless communications globally with a particular focus on emerging markets such as Asia and Africa.

For more information download our PDF

Parker Lloyd IT advisory

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Parker Lloyd Technologies provides strategic guidance on technology roads, technology trend impact analysis and validation of planned technology decisions or implementations. We use a collaborative engagement model geared towards achieving your specific goals, while ensuring efficient implementation and ownership.

Internal factors such as poor visibility of IT value, have in the past has led to poor understanding of what value IT brings to the business and a need for justification. The now common practice of accountability for profitability by individual business units is forcing the customers of internal IT organizations to re-examine the value and cost of IT at a business unit level.

IT customers are also becoming increasingly knowledgeable in their use of IT and IT services, as it permeates through all facets of the business and becomes mainstream. These customers are more demanding and have a better understanding of their IT needs. The relationship of the IT organisation with business units is changing, and adoption of shared-service business models has forced a rethink on the roles of the IT organisation. Many IT organisations today have a stated emphasis on customer satisfaction and are seeking to transform themselves by becoming more customer-focused.

Parker Lloyd Technologies provides technology and leadership advice on how technology is used within your company. Companies today have applications from ERP, CRM, and SCM to alphabet choice of the day. IT is coming to management with another range of terms that they have little desire to learn such as, Virtualization Cloud Computing, Web hosting, Storage on Demand, etc. Business is about making money, not learn about technology. Technology is but a tool to be used.

As a Technology Advisory Service, Parker Lloyd Technologies will bring:

  • Technology alignment to business
  • Increased market value through effective use of technology
  • Vendor independence - we do not sell solutions
  • Minimizing the risks of using technology
  • Leveraging your strategic technology budget

As your Technology Advisors, Parker Lloyd Technologies can bring its broad experience and methodologies for:

  • Business Process Implementation rescue
  • Business Process Merger and acquisition
  • Business Process Due diligence
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Process Organizational change management
  • Business Process System planning, sourcing and selection
  • Business Process Contract negotiations with vendors
  • Business Process Validation of new IT initiative or project

You will not need any more software or hardware from another service vendor and it is important to find out if your existing software and hardware can work for the business. You will need to make the existing technology work for you. Parker Lloyd Technologies brings many years of experience from some of the world's largest companies to focus on your problem.

Parker Lloyd Technologies provides expert services in:

  • IT Strategy, Planning, and Project Evaluation
  • System Requirements, Solution Design, and Selection
  • Process Improvement, Procedures, and User Training
  • Implementation Management /Monitoring (PMO)
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

We also address Technology Leadership concerns such as:

  • Risk Management
  • Cost Control
  • Information Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Cash Flow
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Profitability
  • Human Resources
  • M&A
  • Productivity

Parker Lloyd Energy Finance

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Parker Lloyd Energy is a proven dependable financier, serving as a financial consultant for private investors, public companies, financial capital pools, hedge funds, governmental agencies, banks and financial institutions. We work to accelerate capital flow and thus develop sustainable energy funding, which in turn serves to help meet the challenges of climate change.

We also serve the Conventional & Renewable Energy sector by creating financial resources to fund renewable, alternative energy. Parker Lloyd energy serves in the creation of sustainable energy projects to help foster a Carbon Free Environment and a healthier planet for tomorrow.

The consequences of climate change present considerable challenges to companies and citizens alike. Above all, business requires stability and predictability. As a result many companies are looking for cost-effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions by investing in energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy.

There is no doubt that working towards a sustainable energy supply is a strategy that pays off in the long run. However, there are also more immediate benefits that can be achieved right now. These include lower costs and reduced emissions.

We have considerable experience of identifying opportunities to invest in renewable energy production such as wind, biomass power generation, biofuels for transportation and solar energy systems.

Our clients range from major industrial players and small and medium-sized enterprises to housing associations, non-government organisations, financial institutions and public authorities.

Our Approach to Renewable Energy Financing:

At Parker Lloyd Energy Financing, our goal is the same as yours: to ensure successful funding for your sustainable energy project. We achieve that goal through:

  • Careful analysis of your project and your needs
  • Identification of critical issues
  • Issue mitigation/resolution
  • Determination of optimal financing structure
  • Leveraging our established relationships with funding sources

Our success in sustainable energy financing is driven by this unique, consultative approach. We partner with private investors, public companies, financial capital pools, hedge funds, government agencies, banks, and financial institutions. However we are not simply financing matchmakers - we work closely with you to evaluate, and then enhance, your project’s ability to obtain financing.

Parker Lloyd Energy financing leads the renewable energy sector by identifying and securing capital sources to fund renewable, alternative energy projects:

  • Manufacture of biocrude, biofuels, ethanol products
  • Geothermal plants
  • Natural gas projects
  • Nuclear power plant installations
  • Eco-friendly oil refineries
  • Environmentally sensitive petrochemical plants
  • Environmentally safe photovoltaic projects
  • Life-saving artery pipelines transporting natural gas and oil

At Parker Lloyd Energy Financing, we secure debt and equity financing for alternative and renewable energy projects.

Energy Project Financing Services:

  • Finance through direct corporate Investments
  • Hedge Fund or Bank
  • Tax Investor Equity Investments
  • May be a combination of equity and debt
  • Investment may come from more than one equity to provide all of the costs for the development.
  • Investment of up to 100% project costs
  • Pre-development (PD) costs include but are not limited to construction- entitlements
  • Land leases and EPR Permits

Our knowledge and experience provide you with full-service solutions to bring your project from initial funding, planning and design to final operation and production. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our in-house experts tailor sustainable approaches and solutions to help you minimise cost and environmental impacts.

Parker Lloyd Energy works hard to fund Geothermal plants, natural Gas projects, and, when feasible, Nuclear Power Plant installations. We are an industry leader in financing environmentally friendly oil refineries, eco-safe petrochemical plants, environmentally sensitive Photovoltaic projects and life-saving artery pipelines, which transport natural gas and oil.

We bring together a talented blend of people and financial capital from around the globe to successfully finance large-scale oil and gas refinery projects.

Huge challenges are inherent in financing traditional power plants or renewable, alternative, energy endeavours. This is especially true when working with emerging technologies, which by nature, may be particularly difficult to finance. The more complete your information, the more quickly we are able to respond and begin aligning your project with the most appropriate funding source.

Parker Lloyd Energy is an environmentally and socially responsible broker providing financing for sustainable, renewable energy today for a better tomorrow.

Parker Lloyd Energy

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The consequences of climate change present considerable challenges to companies and citizens alike. Above all, business requires stability and predictability. As a result many companies are looking for cost-effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions by investing in energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy.

There is no doubt that working towards a sustainable energy supply is a strategy that pays off in the long run. However, there are also more immediate benefits that can be achieved right now. These include lower costs and reduced emissions. The solutions and innovations that we offer at Parker Lloyd Energy enable businesses to achieve both profitability and social accountability. However we do more, we also work with the public sector on implementing more effective policies and campaigns. Our mission is to move towards a sustainable energy supply for everyone.

You can benefit from the hands-on expertise and sound knowledge that we have built up over the years at Parker Lloyd Energy. Our ability to integrate know how on just about every aspect of sustainable energy and energy efficiency with knowledge of a wide variety of market segments is the key to our success. Our solutions cover energy strategy and renewable energy projects, as well as energy management.

Our clients range from major industrial players and small and medium-sized enterprises to non-government organisations, financial institutions and public authorities.

We have considerable experience of identifying opportunities in renewable energy production such as wind, biomass power generation, biofuels for transportation and solar energy systems. Acting as your partner throughout the whole project, we operate as a sounding board for your ideas and offer practical solutions and opportunities that you might not have considered possible.

Renewable Energy Services:

  • Quick scans and feasibility studies
  • Technical optimisation
  • Permits/environmental impact assessments
  • Procurement and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA )
  • Subsidies and Finance

Parker Lloyd Energy provides advisory services in the following areas:

Energy Audit/Conditions Report - This report will review your facilities to show how you can improve your building’s performance and explain how changes can provide a positive impact to your operating budget.

Lighting - Reducing your energy consumption, (and often with the quickest payback) our experienced lighting technicians will implement cost effective solutions to reduce your electrical loads while proving a safer more comfortable environment.

Plumbing/Water - Through a review your building’s existing plumbing fixtures and utility bills we seek out inefficiencies to recommend and implement measures to reduce leakage and unnecessary use. Where available we can explore options to implement rain harvesting and grey-water recycling further reducing your demand on water supplies.

Renewable Energy - Our feasibility studies translate the energy consumption and available resources to determine the viability of installing renewable energy sources including solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind turbines and waste to power systems.

Carbon Neutral - Reducing the impact of daily operations through carbon credits that fund projects to replace emission generating activities or consume carbon already released into our atmosphere.

Our Renewable Energy Advisory Service focuses on the clean generation and transmission of electrical power using renewable means such as solar, wind, geothermal, and ocean and hydrokinetic technologies.

Our analysis includes in-depth examination of business models, technology issues, regulatory factors, and the competitive landscape for renewable energy, together with an assessment of how it relates to existing fossil fuel power generation methods.

Renewable Energy areas covered:

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Ocean and Hydrokinetic
  • Biomass
  • Renewable Distributed Energy Generation
  • Electricity Transmission Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy Financial Instruments
  • Vertical Markets for Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Regulatory/Policy Issues
  • Utility Renewable Energy Strategies

Our knowledge and experience provide you with full-service solutions to bring your project from initial planning and design to final operation and production. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

We help our energy, water, transportation, and industrial clients save millions of dollars by producing more with less—less materials, water, waste, and energy. Our in house environmental and waste management experts tailor sustainable approaches and solutions to help you minimize cost and environmental impacts.

Parker Lloyd Energy’s comprehensive portfolio includes the delivery of alternative energy projects and programmes, including wind, PV, solar thermal, biomass power, biofuels, geothermal, hydropower, and cogeneration systems in addition to conventional fossil fuel facilities. With global resources and seasoned professionals, our fully integrated project delivery teams will help you achieve your business operations, and project objectives anywhere in the world.

Parker Lloyd Oil & gas

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At Parker Lloyd Commodities we are a team of Oil & Gas specialists without peer in the Industry whose role is to facilitate the sale and purchase of Oil & Gas Assets.

Parker Lloyd Commodities conducts business in the efficient and client focused manner of most commercial banks and private equity investors. We add value by providing tailor-made financing and offer programs that enhance projects' business risk mitigation through the generation of benefits for local communities.

  • We identify assets for sale
  • Evaluate and credentialise them through our range of services
  • Present them to the market, realising sales or purchases for our clients
  • We undertake every step of the commercialisation process

Investment Areas:

We support clients in all areas and stages of operations, including:

  • Exploration
  • Appraisal and development
  • Oil field services
  • Floating production, storage and offloading
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Liquefied natural gas

Financial Products:

  • Senior debt (project finance, corporate loans, reserve-based facilities)
  • Equity and early equity (corporate/Unincorporated Joint Venture – UJV)
  • Subordinated debt
  • Quasi-equity/Convertibles
  • Partial risk guarantees
  • Syndications
  • Local currency financing

Our Investment Model:

Our clients include emerging companies as well as industry majors. We offer regional and international oil companies competitive financing plus value-adding assistance with governance and community development programmes.

We also help companies entering new markets with expertise on environmental and social matters. This includes support for clients in planning and implementing culturally appropriate approaches to community engagement so that they can achieve a social license to operate.

We welcome investment enquiries regarding all emerging and developed markets. If you have an Oil & Gas project at any stage of planning or development, please contact us to see how we may be able to support and add value to your project.

Parker Lloyd Mining

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Parker Lloyd Commodities assists clients in the purchase or sale of mining assets. Parker Lloyd’s extensive network of clients provides a perfect trading platform for clients.

We also arrange equity and loan financing for mining companies to build projects that reward owners, investors, and local communities. We offer an integrated approach that combines financing with industry expertise and assistance in maximizing projects’ social benefits, while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Having an international team dedicated to the sector allows us to recognise and respond to its unique and often volatile nature, affected as it is by fluctuating commodity prices, environmental regulation, operating costs and the levels of mineral reserves.

Some of the key mining regions we are currently working in are:

  • North, South & Central America
  • Europe
  • South Africa
  • West Africa
  • Australasia

Parker Lloyd has established an entity that trades in the following resources:

  • Iron Ore
  • Chrome
  • Manganese
  • Coal
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Bauxite
  • Urea

Our Personalised Mining Services include:

Marketing of mining projects for Sale:

We provide a comprehensive marketing service for mining projects for sale or joint venture (JV).

Marketing of Surplus Mining Equipment and Mining Assets:

We provide a comprehensive marketing service for large item mining equipment or other mining assets which may be surplus to your needs.

Advertising Service:

We provide an effective platform for the advertising of opportunities by those who do not require our more comprehensive service, such as Administrators of mining assets which need to be advertised widely.

Buyers Search Service:

We provide a service for buyers who are looking for particular types of assets (mining projects, mining equipment or other mining assets), where we can alert our network to the buyer's requirements and thereby assist the buyer to quickly ascertain the availability of certain mining assets.

Mining Licence Applications:

We assist clients in all aspects of regulatory procedures relating to mining in various countries. This includes Prospecting and helps facilitate mining licence applications at the local mining departments.

Resources Feasibility:

We assist clients in determining the feasibility of a particular resource. This will include ‘proving up’ the resource and reflecting such in a ‘Resource Statement’ or “Competent Persons Report” that will quantify and qualify the asset.

Mine Development Plan:

We assist clients in developing a comprehensive plan to mine a respective resource that is in keeping with the financial parameters of the asset, as well as the regulatory parameters and sensitivities that govern the mining process.

Contract Mining:

We provide clients with a Contract mining service that will include the extraction and beneficiation of mining material.

Community Relations:

We specialise in the structuring of equity transactions in the mining industry. This includes the integration of Community participation in the asset. Parker Lloyd handles all Community facilitation and liaison as required under the current guidelines of the mining law.

Conflict Resolution:

We are able to assist clients in resolving conflict arising between parties in mining opportunities.

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